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Surveillance Calf

Surveillance Calf brings every element of natures extraordinary DNA together in perfect, seamless balance. Superior performance, scientific design and masterful technology combine to create a Calf product that is giving the customer the option to not have to use antibiotics at all. This is the definitive antibiotic alternative. Surveillance Calf  supports Neonatal gut health. Calf diarrhea and lung disease are the most common causes of death in young calves. Early identification and treatment increases survival rates. And it was made for you.


Supports Immune Health

I.P.S (Immune Positioning System) is a unique blend of biologically active polysaccharides and polypeptides. This is nature’s way to nutritionally assist Calves in balancing cellular function and supporting the immune system to meeting everyday challenges.

Drive Calf Production with Yeast’s Secret Weapon

The ability of Yeast Cell Wall to decrease the prevalence of intestinal pathogenic bacteria and to prevent their colonization in the gastrointestinal tract is well documented.

Manage Pathogens with Bacillus Strains

Bacillus subtilis and licheniformis produces large quantities of digestive enzymes to aid the digestion of feed and helps to create an environment of competitive exclusion, wherein pathogenic bacteria are excluded from space on the intestinal wall.

Patented Specific Proteins

An increase in bacterial burden leads to an increase in intestinal permeability, bacterial translocation and absorption of endotoxins. Egg Powder is a highly potent feed supplement providing Calves with additional and effective protection.

Yucca has Multifaceted Beneficial Properties

Yucca schidigera soothes the intestinal tissue, reducing inflammation, reducing the need for excessive mucus production, and improving access to absorption sites for better feed utilization.

Plant Extracts Working Synergistically 

Plant extracts have a wide variety of compounds that may present antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions and their inclusion into the diet may enhance Calf performance and health.

Promote Feed Consumption and Rumen Development

Surveillance contains highly concentrated yeast culture. By stabilizing the intestinal MicroBiome, it is possible to ensure optimal intestinal integrity and thus Calf performance.

How to Sustainably Improve Productivity and Health

Antibody titers against IBR on day 14 following vaccination were 47 and 31% higher in steers supplemented with zinc methionine compared to control and zinc oxide fed steers, respectively.


  • Supports the Immune System’s Front-Line Defenses*
  • Supports the development of the Gut immune system, aids digestion and protects host cells from pathogens- Colonization Resistance*
  • Supports mucosal defenses to improve barrier function*
  • Supports direct inhibition through the secretion of AMP’s*
  • Supports Competitive exclusion*
  • Provides Broad Spectrum Support for Chronic Conditions*
  • Provides Support against Digestive Upsets*
  • Uses our IPS (Immune Positioning System) Technology*
  • Egg Proteins Target Pathogenic Organisms*

*Please always consult with your Veterinarian. The statements and products described on this page have not been evaluated by the USDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Barley distillers wet grains, yeast extract, zinc methionine complex, hydrolyzed yeast, sodium propionate (preservative), dried Bacillus subtilis fermentation product, Yucca schidigera extract, egg product, acetic acid (preservative) and xanthan gum (stabilizer).

Store in cool dry place. No direct sunlight

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Calf Producer
Thank you AVA Group as well

I saw your post about Surveillance Calf about a month ago and ordered some for my last group of calves. Wow, it sure makes a
difference! Every single group of calves I have gotten has "stress scoured " 5-7 days after we get them. The only difference in this
group was the Surveillance Calf. I used it exactly how you said you did in your video. Had 2 out of 18 get scours but drenched with
30ml and electrolytes one day. They were fine the next day. It's really amazing stuff!

Brittany R
Thank you AVA Group

I ordered Surveillance Calf and I am so glad I saw your video on it. I raise sale-barn calves and there's so many unknowns. What a
helpful product! I would also like to say that ordering and shipment was so fast. I was very impressed with the company's customer service.


I use it on all my calves to help combats scours. great product

Julia C
Prevented clostridium losses, increased calf starter intakes, very effective scour treatment

I have always added a dry stress pack product to the milk replacer for the first 2 weeks. I liked the idea of the Surveillance Calf being a liquid, and easier to mix, so I gave it a shot. I tried a jug of Surveillance Calf at my farm this summer. In addition, I actually tried my hand for the first time at buying some sale barn calves due to the high prices buying privately. To my dismay, when the sale barn calves were dropped off at my place, one of them was not doing great. He had a very sunken flank, his head hung low, and his manure looked like straight water. I gave them all the 30ml dose on intake, right in their milk, and gave the sick looking calf a feeding of electrolytes at midnight. By the next morning, he was a new calf, and by that night feeding, he had solid manure. Also, to raise my calves to 8 weeks, I always go through on average, one bag of milk and three bags of starter per calf. For this particular group, I used one bag of milk and they averaged FOUR bags of starter per calf! The way they looked when they were weaned definitely reflected their increased starter intakes. I was sold. In fact, I decided to carry it at the feed mill where I work. We have heard nothing but great feedback from all of the producers using it. I've seen firsthand- improved death loss rates, and all around healthier, heavier calves. This is a product that you should definitely add to your tool box for raising calves!

Lynette S
Helps with scours

Great products

Marco G
Lower Mortality Rates

We tried using Surveillance because we have a lot of problems with calves when we treat them because they do not respond exactly how we wanted them to. We started using this product to do something different or at least try something else that’s new and it has turned out great! The calves respond faster. We have less mortality rates, which is what we really want. Well, any calf operation wants to have less mortality rates. And that is why we started using Surveillance. We have been using it for a year or a year and a half. And it has worked great for us! The results have been really good.

Bobbi H
Scours outbreaks, labor

I tried Surveillance on a whim because we were having a terrible time with scours and I felt like I had nothing to lose. Within a week everyone (even those not feeding calves) were blown away by the difference you could see in the calves. Shortly after that we added in the Sync Paste and the calf program has made so much progress. Calves are healthy, shiny, hungry and ready to eat at every feeding. Anything that does get slightly off can be fixed quickly with just a little extra Surveillance and they don't lose any steam. I cannot believe how much of a difference these products make and I do not see a future where they are not used on our farm. There is no such thing as "magic calf juice" but this stuff is pretty close.