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Nutritional Technology that sets you free of Antibiotics!

MicroBasics has recognized the trend towards safe, natural and non-residue, non-drug animal health and nutrition practices. As we have forged ahead, we will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. Inspired by the challenges our customers experience and the solutions nature has to offer, we have created Distinctions. Every product has a purpose. Every ingredient solves a problem. Just like nature. MicroBasics Distinction is a comprehensive range of products addressing specific needs of today’s food producers. Our Distinction product ingredients work in synergy with one another to help improve and maintain the health of your animals and as a result, the health of your enterprise.

Dis-tinc-tion: Excellence that sets someone or something apart from others.

Ingredients Count

We are huge fans of the idea that real food doesn’t require a list of ingredients.  This is because real food is the ingredient. We applied this very concept when developing our line of feed additives. We believe that the products we supply to our farmers and ranchers should be composed of ingredients in their purest forms and nothing else. We are proud to feature nutritional products which contain no artificial colors, flavors and most importantly, fillers. Each ingredient comes from a credible source and has been researched and selected for its functionality, efficacy and safety. Only the best ingredients and nothing else, can provide our customers with the peace of mind that they deserve.

MicroBasics’ Distinction Product Lines – Formulated to Change Everything.

Quality Control That Counts

Quality assurance systems and procedures are critical to ensure specifications and product requirements are consistently met and that food safety issues are prevented. Quality is our first priority at MicroBasics. We are proud to work with suppliers and production facilities that have the most sophisticated quality systems in the industry, certifying that only the finest, safest ingredients are incorporated into our finished products. MicroBasics strictly adheres to certified Good Manufacturing Practices during all phases of manufacturing; from receipt and handling of raw materials, to packaging and shipping of finished goods, best practices are implemented and documented. In addition, our production and warehousing facilities are equipped with positive and negative air pressure to prevent cross-contamination, while both raw materials and finished goods are sampled at random for subjection to third party analysis, doubly ensuring product consistency and safety.

Formulated to meet the highest quality standards. Yours.