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Welcome to MicroBasics, Taylor Ross

Welcome to MicroBasics, Taylor Ross

Oct 31, 2023

MicroBasics is excited to welcome another team member! Taylor Ross grew up in a law enforcement family. As the black sheep of the family, Taylor found her passion in agriculture. She grew up raising and showing sheep on her family’s hobby farm. In her early teens her parents divorced, and she moved to Farmington, Minnesota. On her first day of freshman year, she sought out the FFA advisor and inquired how she could be involved in the program.

This same FFA advisor found Taylor a job milking on a local dairy farm, where her passion for dairy sparked. After working on this farm for a couple of years, Taylor decided she wanted to pursue a career in the industry.



Upon graduating from high school Taylor had already completed an associate degree. She then attended college at University of Wisconsin-River Falls and completed a bachelor’s degree in both Dairy Science and Animal Science in just 2 years.


Work Experience

After graduation Taylor started her career at TIMAB USA as a Business Development Intern where she focused on magnesium usage in swine. Selling magnesium wasn’t her dream so she transferred to SAM Nutrition as an Account Executive where she learned a lot about the commodity world. Taylor loved her job, but it wasn’t a perfect fit. She wanted to switch to working more closely to the producer level and with technical products, and she found that opportunity with MicroBasics.


Hobbies and Interests

Taylor enjoys spending time with her family, she has a 2-year-old and was recently married in September. She notes, “We are a big hunting and fishing family. The summers are always filled with cabin weekends. I also do a lot of photography on the side and laser engraving. Yetis, glasses, wood signs, etc. I also love anything True Crime.”


New Role at MicroBasics

Taylor shared her excitement about coming to MicroBasics. “I am excited to come into an undeveloped territory! I can’t wait to dig in and build it from the ground up. I enjoy building relationships and I am excited to work as a team to bring our positive energy out into the field. I want my customers to know that I am not here to just sell them a product, but to help them find solutions.”


Written by: Mariah Gull, M.S.